The Worlds End


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IMDB 7.6/10
This is by far one of the most interesting things to come out in the past year, and i mean in that in general with all genres because it took some risks but it a real pleasure to watch and understand. The concept behind The Worlds End is hard to grasp at the beginning, since there are many distractions from start to finish. They come in the from of funny situations, the often subliminal suggestions about the plot, and other fun shenanigans throughout the entire film even in serious moments. other those distractions theres also Simon Pegg trying really really hard to be what he has never been in other films, the douchebag. In all his previous roles like, Shawn of the Dead‘ and Hot Fuzz we always saw a side of his character that you related to and it was his kindness and his good heart we associated with, well at least some of us.  Since he was trying to be the opposite as his role i was very distracted from the action in the scenes at the beginning, He is very in-your-face attitude and british cockiness is overwhelming.  
But! other than that..
Its tackles on serious social an humanitarian issues within its theme that really suprised me. here i am enjoying all these great laughs and funny moments and then BOOM a punch in the jugular with some serious shit, like why humanity sucks and rocks at the same time, but mostly sucks. Real truths are being acknowledged and thats why more film that are funny and witty as this, deserve to be celebrated and encourage the creation of more original, unique anti-hollywood esc movies.
it did feel a bit to extended for my taste, and the finale could have been better… my only complaints. 

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